Drive Your Woodie Day

Woodies Cruising the Coast Highway
Submitted by Scott Melcer

To celebrate Drive Your Woodie Day, the San Diego Woodies Club planned a cruise south from Encinitas to Coronado on Saturday, May 16th. Ten Woodies and one Cadillac (non-woodie driven by the author’s sons!) drove on the cruise, leaving about 10:1 a.m. from our usual Wavecrest Cruise departure point at City Hall in Encinitas. We cruised the Historic 101 Coast Highway south to La Jolla, where we jumped on Interstate 5 south a few exits to Seaworld Drive. There we exited the 5 and continued south on city streets.

We made a stop in Old Town San Diego to meet up with one of our south county members so they did not have to venture all the way north to join us in Encinitas. Leaving Old Town, we traveled through Mission Hills, past Balboa Park, through downtown San Diego and past the Convention Center. We entered the Coronado Bay Bridge from the street entrance and proceeded over the bridge to Coronado.

At Star Park in Coronado we took a social-distancing break and stretched our legs. From there we split up with some members heading home on their own while a small contingent made their way further south on the Silver Strand, a sliver of land that runs between the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Harbor, before turning back home.

Everyone enjoyed each other’s company (at a correct social distance, of course) and getting out and cruising in the woodies. We received many thumbs-up and shouts of encouragement from those who viewed our small caravan. It felt good to add a bright spot to their day!

We look forward to DYWD in 2021 with a heartfelt prayer for return to a more normal life and health for all!

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