Board of Directors

The governing body of San Diego Woodies is the Board of Directors, elected by the members annually. Meetings to manage the club and conduct club business are at 6:00pm – 8:00pm on the second Tuesday of every month. For location contact:

Below are the names of the current Directors and immediate past Presidents.


Karen Trulson


Immediate Past-President

Barry Marassi
1935 Ford

1942 Ford


David Caddick


Jim Hallstead
 1947 Mercury


George Beebe
 1935 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon


Bunny Sicklick

Wavecrest Committee

Scott Melcer – Wavecrest Chairman

Activities Director

Nora Wright


Henry Trulson
Founding President 2001 – 2002

Jim Esposito
President 2003 – 2004

Charles Furman
President 2005 – 2006

Lee Kidwell
President 2007

Marvin Miles
President 2008

Tom Long
President 2009

Jim Peevey
President 2010

Dave Caddick
President 2011 and 2018

Gerry Dube
President 2012

Scott Melcer
President 2013

Rich Grosch
President 2014 – 2015

Jim Miller
President 2016

Dan Close
President 2017

David Caddick
President 2018 and 2011

Rocky Brown
President 2019

Barry Marassi
President 2020 and 2021